What’s new in the hospitality industry?

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Nowadays, hospitality industry has been influenced by technology. A few years ago, was common do things manually . However, check in at hotels, look up places to eat, pay restaurant and bar bills are actions that can be done by using new technologies.

Also, Social Networks have become a good way to expose customers complains and reviews. They do not have any problems to speak through social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor or other similar.

Top 5 Hospitality industry trends

In this article, we’ll bring you the top 5 hospitality industry trends in 2015:

1. New technology

Geo-location is one trending topic in the digital area. It is an easy way to sell products and services in the hospitality industry . The use of mobile apps is more common nowadays and this has become a way of access to the big data.

2. Modern marketing

The traditional promotion channels have been improved by adding new channels such as social media, websites, blogs, etc. For example, guests may use Facebook as a second site to contact hotels or restaurants and make reservations. As well as, book tickets online for any activity is more common today especially between the new generation.

3. Health and wellness trends

Healthy food is another trend in the hospitality industry. That’s why nowadays the hotels provide to their guests healthy vending machines which might offer salads instead of candy bars. Today, more healthy options are available than a few years ago and the customers always are looking for wellness activities.

4. Reputation management

The reputation of a property is important day to day and there are some tools that can help every organization to achieve a good image. Therefore, using the new technologies will increase the status quo of your business. Also, a good customer service through Social Media can be a way to win future bookings to your property.

5. Customer service

Today, service must include enabling guests to be self-sufficient. This means that it is important to adapt your business to the new technologies such as smartphones. There is a rise of digital travelers in our society. Therefore, provide all the information about your business through your website, mobile apps, social networks is crucial.

Hospitality industry changes over time. That’s why is very important to be aware to all new trends and changes, generation to generation. Also, understanding the historical, cultural, and technological factors that impact the foodservice industry will help to understand the position it occupies today. As a result, hospitality businesses and organizations can improve all their products and services in an innovative way.