Top 3 Executive head Chef worldwide

Were you really born for this profession? Do you really have what is needed for this profession? Not everything you see on TV is as wonderful as you may think. Being an executive head Chef is not only chopping, dicing or garnishing all day. It is also following commands, sweating, cutting your fingers. Practicing day by day things you thought you knew from home, things you will need to learn once more because they are not that way in a real kitchen.

Here are 3 people who will prove you that getting the desired position of being an executive head chef is possible. These chefs have been the best influences for all people to reach their goals and become universal references!

1. Marie Antoine Carême

The celebrity chef Marie Antoine Carême was born in 1784 in France. When he was a child, he was a kitchen boy and worked in important restaurants and patisseries that were the top places for the high society of France.

He lived during the French Revolution, and after it finished, he became a top chef in his country and worldwide.

Carême was the exponent of the grande cuisine, known as the “high art” of the French cookery. His biggest influence was developing new, refined styles for the French cooking.

2. Auguste Escoffier

Born in 1846 in France, Georges Auguste Escoffier was not only a chef but also a writer and a restaurateur. He modernized and spread the French cooking techniques around the world for everybody to appreciate them.

With only thirteen years, he was taken out of the school to be an apprentice at his uncle’s restaurant, where he was seen as a talent. There he started his promising career that led him to be one of the most recognized chefs.

His most famous book, Le Guide Culinaire, is still used nowadays as a reference to learn the best procedures to be a chef.

3.     Executive head chef Julia Child

Julia Carolyn Child Mc Williams was born in the USA in 1912. She was an author, a TV celebrity and, of course, a chef. Her life as a chef was really prominent since she studied in Le Cordon Bleu cooking school and then in private lessons with important French chefs.

She fell in love with the French Culture while she stayed in France with her husband. Then, she decided to show it to America to enrich the way they ate and cooked.

Julia Child became the top exponent of the French cuisine in the US. She taught American people to cook and eat the French way. Also, her book “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” is a best-seller around the world for showing the style of one of the best cuisines.

It is not easy to become an executive chef, but if these people could, then you have no excuses to be a member of this select club. Work hard for your dreams!

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