The World Goes Digital: Impact on the Hospitality Industry

The internet has taken the world industry, and that is nothing new since it came out in the early 90s to change our lives forever. However, nowadays it is influencing many aspects we did not explore before, and that is the real face of the big net.

The Internet connects us to the rest of the world and all it has to offer, and the best way to reach people these days as a growing business is by using digital tools. Hospitality businesses are considering this point and are growing faster than companies that do not use these useful tools that each even the most hidden places.

Just imagine this fact: in the 2000s, when the Internet was starting to get popular, only a little more than 300 millions of users were online, checking content that in most cases was not adapted to their expectations, but that was what was available at the moment.

Almost two decades later, that number has multiplied at least in a 700%, since our world has not only grown in population, but also in computers and other Internet-based devices per inhabitant. A single person can own one, two or even more Internet connections, and that makes possibilities of reaching more places even bigger.

And how does it influence Hospitality businesses?

As we said before, the profit of digital tools is huge. How many hours do you spend on the Internet? 3, 4, 5, or more? It does not really matter: even one minute will make the difference for any potential customer, if you know how to use technology

The secret of success

People are always in contact with the rest of the world. They want to see how their friends or family are, or they just want to post a video, a meme or their thoughts on anything that is happening at a specific time. You will promote your content at that exact moment, through online marketing, because they are also buyers.

Australia has over 90% of people with Internet access, and at least 3 devices connected to the Internet. That means three times more of possibilities to attract people.

Now you might be asking yourself: “how do I do to reach people, so they see my restaurant/coffee shop/hospitality service and start selling online?” Well, it’s easy but it takes time. Nevertheless, once you reach your audience, you will be able to conquer new spots to expand your business.

All kinds of business have a chance in the social media world since audiences are so different. The secret is to reach most of them –or the entire market, if possible- with different tactics, checking which ones work and which ones you must discard immediately.

1. Start with relevant + interesting content

If you own a restaurant, post not only advertising about your food or the prices you offer (which is something important, but not the only thing to take into consideration): you can also post fun facts, marketing videos with great designs, and content that not necessarily has to be related to selling. You will sell anyways if your products have a good quality, but it is boring to watch all the time prices or brand mentions.

Infographics are the best example of effective content creation to help a hospitality brand grow. Find a topic, write short, specific points, and hire a designer to add magic. Attracting the attention of potential customers will be a piece of cake.

Blogs are also good descriptions of what you want to sell, without selling with words.

2. Your brand is everything, but less is more

Just a good picture with a direct copy is enough for your brand to impact. Do not exaggerate in content or in advertisement. That will be a bad influence for your brand image.

3. Be original

Writing about a topic that was mentioned before and which is interesting for your audience is not copying it from another source or changing some words to make it look like it is new.

4. Check every word before posting

Do not post anything without proofreading at least two times every copy, every design, every link, and every single letter. That will make the difference between a negative post and a successful one.

5. Videos always save the day!

Call to action through videos. People want to watch videos every day, and Netflix and Youtube prove it. Post videos about your brand, or about topics that benefit your brand, and people will make you viral in less time than you think.

6. Interact with every user

Like those reposts, they make out of your content and thank them from time to time with small actions like discounts on your services or special offers.

Is it not enough? Wait for more posts in which we will explain you how to get profit from online views!

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