Social Media for Pro Chefs, the stairway to heaven

Have you seen how many people share what they are eating on Instagram and other social networks? Yes, sometimes it might be disgusting to see a person not enjoying their food because they are taking a picture of it, but have you thought it is the greatest advertisement technique ever?

“Interaction” is the word that defines these modern ages. Menus are left for the restaurants: the real deal is showing what you can offer to the whole world! Social networks are the very link between you and your potential customers; they make easier the communication between you and the rest of the world, and provide the approval of your persona.

By having an account on the most relevant social networks, and constantly updating and reinventing your brand, people will like your dishes and go to your place after seeing all the media content and fun you can offer. Here are some tips for you not to die by the hands of technology:

1. Make yourself some initial questions

What’s your idea? How do you want to be seen out there? What’s the message you want to leave?

There are different types of advertising: it’s not the same giving boring brochures or spamming people to showing well-taken pictures of foods people will love and share.

2. Create a whole image, a brand of yourself

 Something you can be identified by; something unforgettable. People will recognize you if you are original, and will ignore you if you copy a good idea. Your identity is essential since it is your face to the world. Hire a great designer for a logo, be creative with your dishes, and create a unique personality… not a copycat.

Offer the best of you, but also offer attractive prices, discounts, gifts and merchandise that people will remember as well as your food. Remember that thing called “feeling”: it’s real, and people empathize with brands that have a heart to be shown to them.

3. Set your goal audience

Who do you want to follow you?

Be realistic: not everybody will like you and that is a fact, so create surveys, know what people like or dislike, and according to those facts use your culinary experience to amaze a very specific group of customers with your matchless tastes.

4. Repeat successful formulas every now and then

As your followers grow, your brand will be more and more successful. So keep them happy and give them what they want without losing the North of your brand.

Remember to share useful, interesting info that matches with the visitors’ interests (and yours, too).

The best way to keep people happy is to love what you do, but also to have a great image for your company and to keep updated on the best ways to grow your business. Share your cooking abilities and experience with everybody!

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