SEO for Beginners: Keyword Research for Home Based Food Businesses

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Keyword Research for Home Based Food Businesses

Technology advances rapidly. New products, services, concepts, everything you can imagine.

We are all very familiarized with Google and to most people of the world is the predetermined Search Engine. There exists many more such as the old Yahoo, America On-Line, Bing, or even the environment-helping Ecosia. These search engines, particularly Google, focus on one thing: Give best results to users. Let’s look into some concepts to get you familiarized.

A “query” is the words users insert in these search engines. This input is supposed to reflect user’s intentions when searching. Sometimes users are very thorough and precise and other times they are very vague. These words, when used to guide the user to your business page are called “keywords”.

Keywords are solely words or phrases that describe your page business when the user is searching for something. They can be short-tailed or long-tailed. For example: “Restaurant” and “French Restaurant” are short-tailed keywords. “Cozy place lunch in Sydney” and “Home Restaurant in Bankstown” are long-tailed keywords.

“We found ourselves immerse in a world every day more connected and when it comes to businesses it’s the same story. So, what do we do to be better connected instead of just being connected?”

When choosing keywords, especially when you are paying for advertisements, it’s recommended you go for long-tailed ones. They tend to be more precise and less on demand. Be careful not to overdo it though, you might encounter that very few people are actually finding you.

Keywords help to “position” our page in a good place to be found by the user. If you’re wondering where is that place, is in the first page of results of Google. Preferably the first three spots, after Ads, of course.

These positions are earned in a way we call “organically”. Organic means that other users, and the famous Google’s logarithm, choose it as relevant for a particular query. Otherwise, the position is paid with the search engine Adwords (as Google Adwords or Bing Adwords).

How to choose the correct keywords for your business?

For this entry, we are going to focus in Organic Search Optimization and how we choose correctly our keywords for our home based food businesses. Let’s bear in mind that, as long as it’s organic, we can choose several keywords.

First we have to look again into our objectives, description and situation of our business. This is not only for your webpage but also for your Facebook, Instagram or even LinkedIn page. Social networks are not easily seen in results in queries done in Google but if your establishment were to be looked for in Instagram, it would help that particular user.

Let’s see an example

Let’s say, “Grandma Marta” is a cupcake small home based food business of Adelaide. A Spanish woman runs it with her brother and daughter. It doesn’t have a physical store but has a web page. It is sold in specific bakeries and family restaurants. They accept especial orders from 30 cupcakes. They offer free delivery for their orders as long as they are inside the defined territory shown in the website map.

One good Keyword would be “Grandma Marta’s home made cupcakes in Adelaide” but also “Spanish family cupcakes in Kent Town with delivery” can work too. The key is to use naturally these words to ensemble a description that Google can easily read.

Google “reads” your page to index it with the so-called logarithm. It’s really potent as it can ban out of the search those pages that play unfair, such as repeating a word numerous times or misguide the user to malware places.

It is important to choose words that are related to your business, especially as a home based one, keywords like “Family restaurant”, “Home made”, “Locally grown” or “Small food market”, help to pinpoint possible customers into the right direction. Some others might describe you but not give the correct lead, such as “Home based business” would lead you to how or where to do it instead of customers coming looking for you and your services. Try to see it from users point of view and what would make them happy.

To help you out, there are tools that help you visually see what users look for when they Google a determined word. is a potent and free one. Also, you can easily search several keywords in Google and see what appears. Main competitors will surely appear and you can see what you want and don’t want for your own. Google Adwords offers you the best one but for good results you must hold a paid campaign.

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