Online Marketing Strategies for Vegan Restaurants

Do you really think that vegan restaurants are not popular and profitable? Well, you are totally wrong! And there’s more: organic cafes, bakeries and restaurants can perfectly work with people who are not actual vegetarians or vegans. Check this and more facts and tips here and make your vegan/vegetarian food enterprise the best one!

There are many food servers who believe in openness, and vegan/vegetarian options aren’t the exception to this rule. Not only they serve to vegan clients, but also to meat eaters who like these menus or are allergic to some foods, and this is the point where we say: it’s your chance to start marketing your enterprise for every single foodie!

Everywhere around us, every place we see is full organic foods, and organic restaurants and cafes are also starting to expand in most cities. However, it is not easy at all to keep them on a top place, so the best way to have a great advertisement and boost your place is reading these online-marketing tips and tricks that will help you to be the best food server ever.

Warning: these tips and tricks are for you to post on social media or through email marketing campaigns, but some of them are also directed to improve your services: it will add a plus to your place that not so many food servers offer.

1. Get ready for higher prices, and publicize it with time

When you start a product-selling business, you need to calculate the costs of the products you want to sell: since organic foods are harder to produce, perhaps they won’t have the same price next month, so your monthly income should be higher every time to meet the prices of each item.

Then explain the situation on your social networks and tell your consumers that it is something normal to raise the prices if the raw foods get more and more expensive. They surely will understand if you do it on time… but do not raise prices so much, or you will lose clients!

2. Offer gluten-free/nut-free options and post some pictures

Allergies are something that the food industry is increasingly taking into account. Show you are conscious: do not forget people with allergies, and more and more numbers of happy people will visit your restaurant to taste your allergy-free flavors.

3. Accept people who are not vegans/vegetarians

They would like some of the options you choose, and even all of them! Do not ignore them: they could be as great clients as the ones that traditionally consume your meals. Post some messages saying to the world that your menus can be consumed by everybody, and you’ll see the difference!

4. Substitute menus from time to time…

… and always offer new meals! Of course, do not forget those ones that have been popular, but try to substitute those ones that do not have such fame.

And remember to post them on every social network to add creativity to your restaurant/cafe/bakery!

5. Even if your restaurant is not vegan, it can become one

There are restaurants that serve meat meals, but also turn each dish into a vegan one. If you add this extra feature, you will also be including all kinds of people, and it’s on each one to enter the place or not!

And if there are foods that include gluten, you can exclude it upon request!

6. Be able to have substitutions and accept special requests

Many restaurants do not offer these services: be different from them and offer substitutions.

Special requests are also important: if you are not able to meet them, some clients would prefer not to return to your restaurant. Try to keep them happy and they will always come for more. And, of course, post a reminder from time to time on your social networks.

7. Hire a great food photographer!

And describe each dish apart. One day post one dish with its description, the next day post another one… and following this scheme, all of your meals will be fully known, so much that people won’t resist the temptation to go back and talk about them all the time!

8. The “About Us” section is totally significant

Highlight your values and your compromise with the people who will eat your food: vegans and vegetarians value that part as you do not imagine. Standards of quality are the most looked-for item, so if you assure them a good service and excellent ingredients and procedures, you will gain more and more clients.

Post short pills of info about your values as a company from time to time.

Why don’t you follow these marketing strategies right now? You will see the difference immediately after you apply all of these tips and tricks, and your restaurant will be all a success!

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