Food: The Alchemical Kitchen. Transform your ingredients in something new

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The alchemical kitchen. Alchemy is the art of transformation, of changing a set of ingredients into something entirely different and new. The medieval alchemists were supposedly searching to find a means of transmuting base metal into gold.

However, a more subtle explanation is that they were actually looking to transform their very selves and souls; to shift themselves from the base material of earthly life to a purer, more spiritual state.

Cooking is an achemical process. You take a bunch of diverse ingredients , chop them, cook them, blend them, season and spice them, and they emerge from the oven transformed into something quite different.

The alchemical kitchen: Food and consciousness

Good cooking is more than mere culinary sleight of hand; it’s not that kind of magic. Good food is soul food, it nourishes us not just physically but on a deep emotional, psychic and magical level.

It is quite fascinating that scientists are now turning their attention to the links between food and consciousness. It seems that how we prepare our food is just as important as what we choose to eat.

Dr Larry Dossey, a scientist investigating the link between science and spirituality, says, “That our consciousness affects matter (including food) is not in doubt. How it happens is a huge mystery”.

Dr Leonard Laskow, a leading researcher in the field and author of Healing with love, discovered that by combining intention, visualization, and healing energy food could literally contain more vitality, more healing power.

Try the following to test the potential of spiritually imbued food:

  • Processed vs hand-prepared vegetables. Make a salad: chop half of vegetables by hand using a knife and cutting board, and chop the other half in a food processor. Can you detect the difference?
  • Cooking consciously vs unconsciously. Before enjoying a favourite dish, choose the ingredients, and prepare, cook, and eat the food with a loving consciousness. As a contrast next time you prepare the same dish, choose to do so during an especially busy time so everything is done in a hurry, without any care or thought. Can you detect any difference?