online resources for home-based food businesses

Are you starting your own food business from home? It can be overwhelming! That's why we created this space where you can find tips, advices, resources and more that will help you improve your online performance!

Do it yourself and save money

Nowadays, a lot of small businesses owners are looking for ways to be successful on internet and get more customers to their restaurants or cafes. Therefore, if you want to be noticed outside your local area, you need to improve your online presence. Our free Online Marketing resources will help you to achieve it!

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Hospitality Industry in Australia

As multi-cultural society, Australia has a rich variety of foods and drinks. The large range of meals you can find in the country has been influenced by different cultures from the colonization. Since then Australia has been a land of opportunities for anyone who wants to start a business in the hospitality industry. The latter has become one of the most important contributors to Australia’s economy.

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Free Digital Resources for social media

Free templates to structure your Marketing Strategies.

Being organize will make you more efficient. Download our editable and free social networking templates today, email marketing, content marketing and more to boost your website.

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The actions' metrics on social networks

Why do we need to execute online strategies and manage communities if we are not going to measure the effectiveness of our actions? Measure your Social Media metrics with our template!

Online contests report

We share an easy template you can use to create reports of your online contests' results once they have finished. For further information click here!

Social Networks Benchmark report

It is always good to have the competition monitored. This is for two reasons: to learn from the good and to learn from the bad. Most companies do not have the resources to have a professional benchmarking research in social networks. That's why we share how you can monitor the competition with this template.

Facebook' content calendar

To get more interaction and an increase of fans in Facebook is necessary to have a previous content planning and above all to have continuity. Many brands start very active and then reduce intensity.

Social Results Reporting Model

Almost all customers require weekly or monthly reports of social media management to measure their ROI. Our model of reporting results in social networks includes: Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube facts.

Plan and create contests in social networks

With this excel template you can know all the tasks you should do before, during and after an online contest.

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Save money with our free Online Marketing resources and improve your website yourself


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